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You have the power to change your thoughts, and your thoughts have the power to change your life.

   ~ Ron Willingham

I have always loved the written word and the power that little letters bring. 


In fact, imagine as a seven-year-old sitting on your top bunkbed with tears running down your face because you just finished devouring Charlotte's Web. As that small girl, you're stunned that a book can move emotions. 

Indeed, books can. Why? Because of the power of the words.

It was at that point I became hooked on books, on stories, on all things fashioned by words -- both printed and oral. Instead of the normal junior-high science fair project, I wrote a radio show. Soon after that, I won a statewide writing competition for junior high kids. I went on into adulthood to win recognition in a variety of places for my short stories, poetry, and essays.


Adding to that, I began dabbling in stage work and larger-than-life stories. Theater is so fun! In fact, I eventually went on to work in professional theater, film work, studio recording, and later moving to solo as a musician, even touring in Europe as a featured vocal soloist with my chamber choir from Colorado State University.

Flash forward a few years, and I began writing musicals and seeing them produced. Later, I became a paid blogger and have had many articles printed, both in print magazines and online.


Words -- both oral and printed -- kept pouring from my soul onto the world-stage. Eventually I became an editor for several online entities, served on several national writing conference boards, and spoke at writing conferences on both fiction and non-fiction topics. Later, using the power of spoken words, I became a two-times internationally ranked top podcast host. It just seems that words and their impact are my life's blood.

Additionally, I've written professionally for multiple online entities and print, I've taught college-level English 100, 101, 102, and accelerated writing as an adjunct instructor, and I have taught public speaking and Communication 101 &175 for two different colleges. 


As that life force continues to pump through me, I've turned my attention to being a musical storyteller to entertain both young and old alike with stories of heroes with the power of music to strengthen those tales. 

Below are just a few of my books and writings, along with experiences from others reading my work.



"Powerful insight"

JANET KAY JENSEN, Silver Medal recipient of the Readers Favorite International Book Award 

"Your creativity is such a blessing to us all"

TRINA BOICE, PhD, California Young Mother of the Year, author of 31 books


KERRY LYNN BLAIR, author recipient of the Whitney Lifetime Achievement Award


DAVID G WOOLLEY, PhD, head coach for Rangers Soccer Club and author of The Promised Land series

"A treasure trove"

"Solid...principled theory"

WILLARD B GARDNER, MA, author of The Operative

"Gentle reminders"

PATRICIA WILES, author and SCBWI Director

"Tools to overcome"

GARY MCCALLISTER, PhD, musician and storyteller


Powerful Tips cover.jpg

POWERFUL TIPS FOR POWERFUL TEACHERS: Helping Youth Find Their Spiritual Wings "Why won't teens listen?" "Am I getting through at all?" You may have had these thoughts while working with today's youth. If so you are not alone. Whether you are a parent or a youth leader, teaching teens can be exhilarating, yet demanding. Written by C.S. Bezas, M.S., the book Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers is a crucial guide to the challenging yet important teenage years. It provides a compelling yet simple perspective on creating powerful moments with today's teens - whether at home or at church! This book has been called an essential tool for parents, teachers, and church leaders.


MOTHER'S WISDOM: 50 Lessons from Sons and Daughters C.S. Bezas's and collaborators offer these heartwarming moments spent with mothers young and old alike. Mother's Wisdom: 50 Lessons from Sons and Daughters is a poignant gift book that illustrates the significance of nurturing the young. Perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays and Christmas giving.

Famous Family Nights_wsb_82x123_Famous+family+nights.jpeg

HEARTS AND HANDS: Stories of Hope for Mothers C.S. Bezas's short story joins other stories of whimsy, along with non-fiction essays, to present a loving and humorous take on life as a mother. In spite of its lighthearted approach to being a parent, these professional authors write about women who made a difference fulfilling the essential role of nurturing the young. Hearts and Hands: Stories of Hope for Mothers makes a perfect pick-me-up gift.

FAMOUS FAMILY NIGHTS Touching, inspiring, and often hilarious, the personal experiences in Famous Family Nights highlight family home evening as a priceless tool for building strong, faith-centered families, despite the many obstacles of modern life. Join C.S. Bezas and other well-known contributors for these entertaining family stories from entertainers, writers, radio and TV personalities, as well as leaders in sports, business, and community.


EIGHTEEN MONTHS: Sister Missionaries in the Latter Days C.S. Bezas's essay joins an essay series written by English professors, journalists, and professional women. They detail what it was like being a missionary in countries and continents as far flung as South America and Europe. C.S. Bezas' essay, "But I Don't Want to Go" explores the initial feelings of a young woman struggling with the tug between selfishness and selflessness. An insightful book to understand what drives those who seek to bless the world in which they live.

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