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Before receiving several concussions in a row, I launched two podcasts to top international charts. These will relaunch in the Fall of 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know and to suggest intriguing guests!


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Headaches. Light and sound sensitivity. Dizziness and confusion. Mood swings, even suicidal tendencies. These are common experiences of concussion survivors and some of the many issues Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S. experienced as a multi-concussion survivor. She became passionate researching the latest concussion information to bring hope to concussion survivors and their families. Why? Because what people don’t know about concussions surprisingly can kill them.


In this podcast, Concussion: There IS Hope, you hear the stories of concussion experts, concussion survivors and their families. You receive interviews with those experts who share real tools to restore hope and to help recovery. Together we can make a difference, especially in the lives of the youngest concussion survivors.


The Business Nightingale Project artwork.png

Suicide. Business failures. Lockdowns. These are the scenarios facing so many. Listen in at "The Business Nightingale Project" where we band together to rescue our fellow entrepreneurs who are experiencing difficulties in their battlegrounds of life. Each episode fights to help today's entrepreneurs keep hope and to stay alive. Here highly successful guest entrepreneurs get vulnerable and real about what brought them hope when things seemed darkest. Subscribe to the podcast and download the episodes to find yourself surrounded by supportive, vibrant new friends.

Podcast Reviews

"Very nice and comforting podcast that provides a supportive environment for us survivors and the caregivers. It's stuff like this that reminds us we aren't alone."

   ~ Simone P.

"Give your head a shake if you're not listening to this podcast regularly! The information Cindy Sue is providing is pure gold for concussion sufferers and those who care for them. It could be lifesaving, so share it with those you love!"

   ~ RXWiz775

"Truly an inspirational podcast about overcoming dark times in a person's life, regardless if they have personally experienced concussions or not. This podcast is one of a kind."

   ~There Is Hope #1

"You can hear Cindy's passion in every word and her true desire to spread knowledge around the topic of concussions."

   ~SM Pod

"Wow! For a person that has suffered so much, she is encouraging, positive, and a role model. What an amazing podcast of hope and determination!"

   ~ MrsDelio1

"Cindy's story is truly incredible. I love the hope she's delivering to people. Truly changing lives. Amazing podcast for anyone."


"With the last decade of realization of concussions and effects on NFL players, this is a great time for a podcast like this to be launched. Cindy Sue Bezas has brought on guests that have personal stories of dealing with concussion symptoms and aftereffects, and many are experts now in concussion and have first-hand stories and treatments to head toward first. Great resource for people looking to learn more."

   ~ Kyle H

"Thank you, thank you. There are not enough words. I so appreciate you."

   ~ Literary Lilly

"Cindy is the perfect person to get the word out about a subject that is often glazed over but can be so life-altering for those affected. She asks the right questions, is thoughtful and kind, and lets her guests' stories shine.

   ~ Jeskand

"An excellent way to find out about concussions, brain injury! How it affects not just the injured person but everyone around them."

   ~ Nick_306

"I've never experienced a concussion, and I haven't had anyone close to me experience one either, so I wasn't sure this podcast would be useful for me. But I was wrong, and I'm so glad I listened because I feel this is very valuable information, not only for dealing with possible concussions in myself or those close to me, but also for dealing with hard things in our lives and how to overcome negative emotions and thoughts. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your experiences and bringing experts to your episodes! I'm looking forward to learning more!"

   ~ CBarnes7

"As an elementary teacher for 30 years, mother, and grandmother, I found this podcast full of good information that everyone should know. The list of symptoms of concussion and the fact that they can show up weeks later was enlightening."


"Whether you've suffered a concussion, or have a loved one that has, this podcast will help you to understand it better. Beyond being informative, the emotional feeling shared in this podcast is one of hope and peace. It is relaxing to listen to, yet I feel compelled to learn from what is shared. I would recommend this podcast!"


Podcast Reviews

"Finally! A refreshing conversation about REAL issues that drive people to a dark place and HOW they lift themselves back out. Cindy, thank you for going there with such expertise, tenderness, and grace."

   ~ Roksana

"I listened to one episode, and I'm hooked! Being an entrepreneur can be so lonely and frustrating. Knowing I'm not the only one who struggles gives me hope. I appreciate the tools your guests provide. Thanks, Cindy, for bringing this subject to entrepreneurs!

   ~ Kristi W.

"This show is a breath of fresh air! It is real, raw, and resourceful! I love the message of the podcast, and the host seems so genuine and easy to listen to!"

   ~ Nogemmmm

"This is exactly what we need to be listening to right now! I love all the episodes/interviews. Quick but very authentic! Thank you, Cindy, for this. I'm a fan!"

   ~ Kenza B

"Real stuff. Real talk with real people sharing with us their journeys. We normally show our strengths and courage to all. But we can also feel that anxiety in us -- growing. Thank you, Cindy Sue. So refreshing!"

   ~ Couch 2 FIRE--Simona Wong

"As a fellow entrepreneur, I can relate so much to these stories and topics. It's hard to feel alone and working towards goals for yourself that others may not share or even shame you for. Plus, working for yourself can be a dream, but as you grow, you start to uncover hidden hangups that trigger past trauma. And oftentimes, we work so hard with little gratitude from others and get burned out. But we're driven to keep going and prove we can do it and not work for others in unhealthy environments. Kudos to you and your guests for sharing your stories!"

   ~ RockingWithTLB

"This podcast is a much needed reprieve from the often difficult road entrepreneurs face everyday. The world needs change agents more than ever before and it's up to all of us to lean on each other on those days when nothing seems to be headed in the right direction. The host is a light of positivity and hope on your journey!"

   ~ 1Glamcham

"What a helpful podcast! Cindy has brought together some amazing individuals and their engaging stories of success not only in business but in overcoming difficult things. This podcast gives you two amazing things for one small listening."

   ~ Electric Greek

"The world needs more podcasts like this one."

   ~ Ricky 764 from Canada

"An honest look at our world situation, the stressful things around us, and the personal tools used to cope while dealing with self & business needs. This is useful in personal life as everyday tools."

   ~ Xwingdra

"I loved The Business Nightingale Project! It is jam-packed with positive encouragement that the world needs right now, whether one is a struggling entrepreneur or a busy stay-at-home mom. I have been both and found many nuggets of wisdom, both from Cindy and her varied guests. One of my favorite take-aways was the quote from Cheryl Knowlton, "If you're on a worthy journey, you're going to have worthy dragons." I also love all of the encouragement and personal connections to real people that have struggled and overcome challenges in business & life. What a beautiful and timely treasure of hope this is to the world."

   ~ Christimichelle

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