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About Cindy Bezas, M.S.

Cindy Sue Bezas is a mindset trainer, author, and speaker who passionately believes all people are capable of great things. She obtained her master’s degree in Organizational Learning & Leadership from the University of Idaho, with her specific research focusing on trauma recovery and low self-image. She is a multi-concussion survivor and host of the Concussion: There Is Hope podcast, which ranked #33 in Mental Health iTunes podcasts in the United States and in top charts across the world.

My Newest Projects

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My newest project is coming soon. And it will be celebrating you! Your story deserves to be told.


Why do I feel this so strongly? I heard something once that rattled me a bit. It was this: "Do you know that if there is no record of your life, in three generations it will be as if you never lived."

What? And then I realized it is true. We need written records of the most valuable moments of our lives that highlight our valor. And in writing this story of one's life, the person writing it comes out on the other side realizing how valuable it all was!

Yes, indeed. Your life, your experiences, and your worth is priceless. And I hope you recognize how important your story is and to record it quickly for future generations to hold in awe. 

That's what I'm working on! How to write your first draft of your life story in one day. Woohoo! It's easier than most think with the system I'm developing.


I'll be announcing it soon in the newsletter first, along with a free sample. This can be yours too. Make sure to sign up with the newsletter today to get the freebie!


A second project that I'm so excited about! I'll be sharing it also in the newsletter also. Super cool. Music is so powerful in helping to reduce stress. It has been shown to help increase hope and even to help mitigate against suicide.

So, what could be better than learning to play the adorable little instrument of a ukulele? This is the perfect little guy that strums happy, plays happy, feels happy as you play!

And soon, I'll be announcing a free program to learn in four simple steps how to play five songs that are a blast to play and sing with others. Subscribe to be the first to know when the program is ready!



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