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The Music of Cindy Bezas

Music to Support Your Life

A Time for Ana

piano solos

C.S. Bezas’ CD A Time for Ana continues her stylistic tradition of writing acoustic piano pieces which linger in the heart and soul of the listener. Sometimes her music is passionate, at times it is delicate, but at all times her music soothes and eases the listener into a desirable mood of pleasure and relaxation.

“The full effect of the CD is indeed born out through a gentle ebb and flow. And the legacy C.S. Bezas leaves us with is of a heart communicating its deepest urge to comfort and console, to bring peace and to soothe. For that I commend her."

– Lori Nawyn, Parker Lane Publishing

"This CD is almost minimalist. Simple melodies dance above gentle chords and accompaniments…. It’ll put you in that place for thought and relaxation.” – Mark Hansen

"C.S. Bezas’ music reminds me of a waterfall. It has a beautiful melody that carries you, which leaves you wanting more and never tiring of it."

– Anson Service, Heuristic Productions

"My customers love hearing A Time for Ana’ while shopping in our store."

– Hayley Fair, Creative Keys

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