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The Full Story

My Speaking and Storytelling


Stages are a fantastic place to change lives. I have spoken across the United States in front of a variety of audiences, from adults to teenagers to children. What a blast to change people's perspectives that they are powerful, they are needed, and they are talented! I develop training programs and keynote speeches using research-based, transformative learning that not only are effective but fun.

I've shared the stage with renowned, international speakers such as Elizabeth McCormick (UN Meritorious Service Medal recipient), Frank Shankwitz (founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation), Sharon Lechter (coauthor of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Loral Langemeier (Millionaire Maker featured in The Secret), Alec Stern (founder of, billionaire Bill Walsh, Armando Montelongo (A&C’s TV star of Undercover Boss and Flipping This House), among other fascinating international professionals.

We all, as professional speakers, seek to better the lives of every audience member in front of us. Why? Because they matter. And so do you!

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My purpose and passion in speaking is to engage an audience to fuller commitment to their unique gifts, regardless of the topic. Each person is needed on this earth! Far too many live below their talents, unaware of their magnificence. Once people understand who they are, the world transforms fantastically and dramatically...

one person at a time!


"Cindy Sue is a superb motivational speaker and training professional. Within a few minutes of listening and participating, you feel your possibilities expand while she takes you on a journey of confidence and passion. She accelerates results with her fast-paced, goal-oriented approach. I highly recommend her for your next event."


~ Staci Whiting, OnTarget Business Systems

"Fantastic presentation."

~ Bill Walsh, America's Small Business Expert

"Exceeded our expectations. Everyone loved her!"

~ Erik Swanson, Universal Seminars International

"Everything Cindy Sue says makes us feel good!"


~ Kenneth G. Robbins

“An amazing speaker. Not only was she engaged with the audience but she connected with everybody she spoke with. We got so much value from her in what she provided. She was fantastic!”


~ Josh Evans, Host of Habitude Warrior Conference

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